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Kabuki Make-up Brush

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Kabuki brushes are a type of makeup brush with a short handle and dense, soft bristles. They are named after the traditional Japanese Kabuki theater, where actors wear elaborate makeup. Here are some key features and uses of Kabuki brushes:


  1. Short Handle: Kabuki brushes typically have a short, stubby handle which allows for better control and application of makeup.
  2. Dense Bristles: The bristles are usually densely packed, providing a smooth and even application.
  3. Soft Bristles: The bristles are often very soft, made from synthetic or natural materials.
  4. Wide, Rounded Shape: The brush head is often wide and rounded, though some Kabuki brushes have a flat top.


  1. Foundation Application: Kabuki brushes are excellent for applying both liquid and powder foundations, providing a flawless, airbrushed finish.
  2. Blending: They are perfect for blending makeup products seamlessly into the skin, ensuring there are no harsh lines.
  3. Powder Application: These brushes are ideal for applying setting powder or mineral foundation evenly across the face.
  4. Bronzer and Blush: Kabuki brushes can be used to apply bronzer and blush, giving a natural, blended look.
  5. Body Makeup: Due to their size and shape, they can also be used to apply makeup to larger areas of the body.

Types of Kabuki Brushes:

  1. Flat Kabuki: Best for applying liquid foundation and cream products.
  2. Rounded Kabuki: Great for powder products and for achieving a blended finish.
  3. Angled Kabuki: Ideal for contouring and applying bronzer.
  4. Tapered Kabuki: Useful for precise application in smaller areas.

Care Tips:

  • Cleaning: Regularly clean your Kabuki brush with a gentle soap or brush cleanser to remove makeup residue and prevent bacterial growth.
  • Drying: Allow the brush to air dry completely before using it again. Dry it with the bristles facing down to prevent water from damaging the handle and the glue holding the bristles.

Kabuki brushes are a versatile tool in any makeup kit, known for their ability to provide a smooth, even, and professional-looking application.

Kabuki Make-up Brush
Kabuki Make-up Brush Sale price£12.99