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Nail Clippers/Nippers

Sale price$8.00

Product information "Baby Safety Nail Clippers"

CARE FOR THE LITTLE ONES Every mother and father knows how painful baby fingernails can be - no wonder, since the little ones can't control their fingers perfectly yet. So you can take some scratches with you while cuddling. This nail clipper is particularly suitable for the important shortening of baby nails. Easy to use, with a pivoting head and safety cap in front of the blades, you really only cut off what you want to cut off. Length: 60mm Of course premium quality from Nippes.

We have various Nail Clippers and sizes of the best quality for the family

Available in pink or light blue. 

Nail Clippers:
Nail Clippers/Nippers
Nail Clippers/Nippers Sale price$8.00