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Comare   Professional Styling CombsComare   Professional Styling Combs
Save $1.00Pegasus Hard Rubber Comb 615
Pegasus Hard Rubber Comb 615 Sale price$7.00 Regular price$8.00
Save $1.00Pegasus Hard Rubber Comb 201/4
Pegasus Hard Rubber Comb 201/4 Sale price$9.00 Regular price$10.00
Pegasus Hard Rubber Comb S210 (available in silver)
KentA 4T Coarse/Fine Tooth
Comb Denman ProEdge Medium
Protip Neck Brush 199BProtip Neck Brush 199B
Protip Neck Brush 199B Sale price$13.00
Save $5.00Brush - Denman Ceramic Barrel Styling BrushBrush - Denman Ceramic Barrel Styling Brush
Brush - Denman Ceramic Barrel Styling Brush Sale price$17.00 Regular price$22.00
Brush - Jaguar Paddle Pad Brush | Article no.: 88005-1
Pegasus Hard Rubber Comb G514A (available in Gold/Silver)
Pegasus Skulleto 514A Flattopper Barber Comb Silver
Pegasus Gold 201 Cutting Comb (available in various colours as shown)
Kent Coarse/Fine Teeth
Kent Coarse/Fine Teeth Sale price$7.00
Save $1.00Pegasus Hard Rubber Comb 210/42 White
Pegasus Hard Rubber Comb 210/42 White Sale price$9.00 Regular price$10.00
Sold outVented Brush with pins
Vented Brush with pins Sale price$9.00
Brush - Comair Round Styler Ceramic dia. 38/56mm
Rand Rocket Radial 8 Row Brush
Brush Styling Hair Brush 00165 23mm
Brush -  Jack Dean Fade Brush
Denman Massage Brush BE-BOP
Brush - Jaguar S-Series Cushion Brush
Pegasus Comb 502/49 Styling Comb
Denman ProEdge-master Cutting Comb
Brush - Olivia Garden Pro-Thermal Double Sided Hair Brush
Pegasus Skulleto 514A Flattopper Barber Comb Silver
Carbon Comb for detangling of hair - 03409
Hair Tools Tangle Free Vent Brush
Hair Tools Powder Neck Brush