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Sanotint Reflex Hair Colours

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Sanotint Reflex is a plant-based product containing extracts of chamomile, Peruvian bark, olive and golden millet that interact to produce shiny and brilliant golden reflections, creating tones from the deepest black to a warm, golden red. Reflex is not a permanent hair colour; its pigments don't penetrate the hair, but just coat it, the effect naturally fades away after 5 or 6 washings with shampoo.

Please note that the images are for representational purposes. Colours may vary depending on your display settings.

This is a hair dye that fades gradually after 5 - 6 weeks. Sanotint Reflex Hair dye is a temporary solution for people who have no alternative to most common hair dyes. 

Use this dye with caution just like all other hair dyes. Do carry out a patch test before use.

Sanotint Reflex is ready to use. Since it does not contain hydrogen peroxide, no mixing is required before application.

Light Grey Hair Coverage: Grey hair can only be moderately covered with this. Reflex is not advised if you're looking to cover more than 20% grey hair; in that case, it is suggested that you use the Sanotint Classic or Sanotint Light hair dye lines.

Natural ingredients offer protection and care, with excellent results that allow you to achieve soft, warm glowing highlights. Sanotint Reflex is formulated with natural plant extracts and gives your own hair colour stronger and brighter reflections and new tones. Available in a variety of fashionable shades, Reflex contains no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, and does not damage or bleach hair.

Accentuate your hair's natural contrasts, Reflex is perfect to perk up your existing colour. Easily try out new hair colours -- soft, brilliant and ultra-shiny, intense highlights from deep black to golden red. The delicate vegetal Reflex Colour Sanotint is made with a gentle soft base and colour molecules that naturally fade away with shampooing.

Color:51 Black
Sanotint Reflex Hair Colours
Sanotint Reflex Hair Colours Sale price£10.50