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Barbicide Sterilizing Jars- Large/Small

Sale price£10.99

Disinfection perfection for hair & beauty tools.

With its distinctive blue colour and iconic glass and steel design, the Barbicide Disinfecting Jar has been a fixture in barber shops, hair and beauty salons and, more recently, nail bars since 1947. It comes in 3 sizes designed to suit different tool sizes and applications.

The large and medium jars both feature a removable, self-draining basket which allows you to fully immerse and remove your tools without having to put your fingers in the liquid. They also each have a non-slip rubber base for safety.

The 2 larger jars have a diameter of 11 cm, while the small jar has a diameter of 6 cm. There's also a lifetime guarantee on the stainless steel parts of all 3 sizes.

  • Barbicide Large Disinfecting Jar—30-cm tall, so perfect for disinfecting hair scissors, combs and all manicure and pedicure tools. Capacity 1.1 litres.
  • Barbicide Medium Disinfecting Jar—20-cm tall, making it ideal for manicure or pedicure tools and small scissors. Capacity: 750 ml.
  • Barbicide Manicure Table Jar—at just 9-cm tall, this jar is designed to stand on a manicurist's workstation with the blade end of tools like nail scissors and clippers kept immersed in Barbicide. Capacity: 120 ml.
Barbicide Sterilizing Jars-  Large/Small
Barbicide Sterilizing Jars- Large/Small Sale price£10.99