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Sublime Hair Colours

Brand of professional products for the home, for personal hair and hair care. Intended for daily use thinking about the ease of use and little time of the current client.

Its Hair Care line is based on fruity, vegan and cruelty free products . Complying with the premise of offering a 100% natural product , all of its formulas are based on extracts of natural fruit ingredients, taking advantage of their properties and benefits for skin and hair.

Very complete line to cover any need:

  • Hair repair.
  • Care and treatment for colored hair.
  • Toning shampoo to correct unwanted tones in bleached hair.
  • Moisturizing body gel.
  • All-in-one treatment without rinsing.
  • Conditioner without rinsing.
  • Thermal protector.
  • Curl definer.
  • surf waves.

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