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05 Sanotint Classic Golden Chestnut

Sale price$17.00

Sanotint does not contain Henna & ammonia. We are based in the UK and delivery is within 1 - 3 days depending on the Royal Mail service. Like other competitors who are based in Spain, Germany or other countries, we are prompt in service.

Sanotint Classic and Sanotint Sensitive is one of the best hair dyes that covers grey hair easily without spilling all over the place. If you are looking for a quick hair colour which can be applied easily by yourself, Sanotint is perfect and does not contain ammonia.

You can also use it for retouching your roots which means you can use the tube for more than two or three times. These colours come in a wide range of shades.

It also keeps hair smooth and silky. Other hair dyes on the market, makes hair dry and rough. We have customers since 2007, almost fifteen years who are extremely satisfied with Sanotint. 

Like all hair dyes, please keep them safely away from children, wear gloves, and if it is your first time, do carry out a patch test before use.  

05 Sanotint Classic Golden Chestnut
05 Sanotint Classic Golden Chestnut Sale price$17.00